Derek Giovanni has become a well known portrait photographer in the greater Sacramento region. He loves working with people of all ages to make them look their absolute best in front of the camera. Derek also enjoys working with his local community of photographers, models and photographers to help them learn more about portrait photography. Derek loves to teach what he knows!

Keep an eye on Derek's blog for newly posted information about what he is working on in and around Sacramento. This is also a place where Derek posts ideas about photography in general. The blog is aimed at photographers and models, so please consider signing up to the blog to get future updates.

Check out the Events page to see what types of events are going on with Derek. He would love for you to join him!

Also check out the 'Book Online' link if you are interested in booking a session with Derek.

Derek also spends much of his time on Instagram (@derekgphoto and @strollatlantic). Please give him a follow to be informed of recent Instagram updates.

If you have any questions, you can reach out to Derek at derek@derekgphotography.com. Thank you!!

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