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I'm really thinking about how I want to mold this blog.

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Let me start off by saying that I am very excited to start writing a blog! This is new territory for me. I have a ton of content running through my head, and I'm excited to get this information on paper and share it with all of you! But right now, in the infancy of this blog, I really want to just throw up some ideas for what I plan on producing. Ultimately, I want this blog to be simple (if it is too confusing or if there are too many different topics I may lose you, and I don't want that). I also want this blog to be informative, because I really do feel like I have a lot of knowledge that I can share.

Here are some ideas for blog entries. Tell me what you think!

Photography 101 - Definitely something I want to explore. Every single one of us photographers had to start somewhere. We all learned photography from someone (whether it was through a class or photography program, a book, a workshop, from YouTube University, or through other methods). I feel like I have come to a place where I would like to teach some of the things I have learned about photography. I love teaching what I know.

Portrait Photography - My area of focus. I love working with people to make them look their absolute best in front of my lens. I want to help other photographers in my area become masters at taking a killer portrait. This includes everything from finding clients, planning the shoot, working with light (both natural and artificial), posing, all the way to understanding how to price oneself in this competitive photography market if that is what one would want to do.

Collaboration - One of the most important things about being a good portrait photographer is through collaboration. This includes everything from collaborating with models, working with make up artists and hair stylists, finding and working with lighting assistants, and even working with brands and influencers on social media to create amazing content.

Gear reviews - There are tons of reviews on camera gear. The goal of my reviews is not to be too technical. I'll tell you right now, I'm not a pixel peeper. I will give my honest feedback on gear based on how it treats me in the field. Was it easy to use? Does it lead me to a picture I love in a little amount of time? Is there good value? These things are important to me, and I intend to share this information with you.

I also intend to add information for the following, but remember I do not want to confuse you. Other things I think would be of interest would be blogs for models (posing, makeup, picking the right clothing, etc) as well as how to market yourself for success on Social Media.

Now that I've thrown the ball to you, dear reader, I would love for you to guide me in a direction that doesn't send this blog in thirty different directions! What do you think? Please feel free to add a comment or send me an email giving your feedback. I would love to hear it!

Also, if you haven't done it yet, please consider signing up for my mailing list. This is only to inform you of exciting things that are happening on my page (such as new blog posts, photography events, and other exciting things going on in my neck of the woods). I will not use this list in any other way. That is my promise!

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