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Staying Creative while Indoors

Hey all, how are you all holding up? Are your creative juices flowing while indoors? As we all strive to keep those creative juices flowing while sheltered in place inside our homes, I wanted to provide you with the things that are helping me weather this creative storm. Like most of you, I really want to get out and shoot pictures, but I'm choosing to bunker down. To help me with my creative journey, I have been focusing on other activities that are helping me. I thought I'd share this with you all as well because maybe this could help you as well!

Here are a couple things that I have been doing while sheltered in place.

Work on your Social Media Outlets

I took a long break from Social Media around the holidays, and boy it is amazing how that has dropped engagement in my site. I've been working on rebuilding this engagement by reaching out to my community of photographers and models on a regular basis. I've also been spending more time looking at new talent out there. Man there are a lot of talented people in this world! My engagement has been improving organically over just two weeks, but I have a long way to go.

I challenge you to head over to your social media platforms and take a look at things that you have not done before to boost your engagement, and improve on that! I've never really focused on Instagram Stories until now. I have been actively engaged in stories for the past two weeks, and I have seen a big boost in engagement since I started using stories.

Learn Something New

How many of you have spent money on really awesome training material only to have it sit on a shelf for the past year? I'm also guilty of this, and since I have been indoors I have been taking advantage of watching some of these training videos to get some inspiration. I have a ton of training material from sites such as Pro Edu. I've been going through some of these training videos now that I have the time. I also just recently picked up the marketing bundle from 5daydeal and I've been watching the training material contained there.

I'm thinking I may pick up a couple of the classes from MASTERCLASS. There are classes on there that pertain to everything from photography to interior design!

I challenge you to learn something new and exciting, whether it pertains to your career, business, or whatever else you've been wanting to learn.

* Note - I do not have any affiliation with these training sites. I just thought I would pass them along to you so you knew where I liked to focus on while learning.

Focus On Your Website

This is definitely an area where I need to focus. Social Media has been good for me, and it has introduced me to many wonderful people over the past 3-4 years. But like many others out there, I feel that a web presence is still the best option for building your brand and business. I've been working on plans to update my website to make it easier for me to manage. Some of the things I've been working on include:

* Better integration with Instagram through the bio link and stories.

* Better use of email list for email marketing.

* Exploring better ways to display images to my clients.

If you do not have your own webpage, I engourage you to grab your own domain name and find a web host. Start building today!

And you know what they say, social media algorithms WILL change, and social media platforms could eventually be more restrictive or go away. Your website is yours. And you will be in full control of it now and into the future.

Oh.. and by the way this leads me to...

Blog More

I mean heck, we have a lot of time on our hands now. Let others know what you are thinking. What creative projects are you doing? How are you spending your time? We want to know, so tell us!

Blogging can be through social media (@derekgphoto - I blog on my Instagram feed all the time). Or it could be through your web page (I'm guilty of not blogging here enough.. that changes now).

Take a Break From The Computer and The Phone

This goes without saying, but now that we have all of this time we shouldn't waste it sitting behind a computer all day. I encourage you to take this time to go outside into your backyard, do some gardening, cook that meal, exercise, etc. And spend some quality time with your family!

The more I think about it, I need to get up and take a break now!

And most importantly..

Be Safe

This is an interesting time for us, but we will get through this. And I truly believe that we will be stronger when this is over. I dunno about you, but #IStayHomeFor myself, my family and all of the people in this world that could not handle contracting this illness. Please be safe, and I'll see you on the flipside!

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